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Donează 3,5 % din impozitul pe venit!

Donează 3,5 % din impozitul pe venit!

Ajută prin redirecţionarea a 3,5% din impozitul pe venit către refugiații din România

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The Romanian National Council for Refugees is issuing this request for proposals to local non - governmental organizations interested in developing small-scale programs to assist persons in need of international protection and refugees at local level.

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Legal Counseling

  • Asylum seekers, during the refugee status determination procedure
  • Beneficiaries of international protection (refugees / asylum seekers)

Social Counseling

• Counseling regarding the rights of beneficiaries of international protection in Romania and how to access them, under the current law

COI Research

• Upon request, CNRR provides country of origin information to Local Courts and Superior Tribunals at the national level, lawyers and other entities taking parts in the refugee status determination procedure

Latest Projects

Assistance and complex services for asylum seekers in Romania

17 June, 2016
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Fostering political participation and policy involvement of migrants in 9 Central and Eastern EU countries

17 June, 2016
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Material assistance for foreigners who are subject of a return decision and are taken in public custody

17 June, 2016
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Asistență și servicii integrate pentru solicitanții de azil din România A.S.I.ST. SA. FAMI/18.02.01

28 November, 2018
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About Us

The Romanian National Council for Refugees is a non-governmental organization founded in 1998, having been granted public utility status in 2003.  CNRR’s mission is to promote and defend through all legal means human rights in general, and migrants, refugees and asylum seekers’ rights particularly.